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Misda Youth


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Youth is the sowing time that determines the harvest of this life and the life beyond the grave. The habits formed in childhood and youth, the tastes acquired, the self-control gained, are almost certain to determine the future of the man or woman.

- Ellen White


MiTribe U is a youth conference happening here in Michigan at Great Lakes Adventist Academy!
Join us on April 20.


Our impact is stronger when we work together.

If you'd like to donate any amount towards our 

Fieldwork projects or trips, click on the button below. 

Thank you for making a difference!

Dollar Bill in Jar
Dollar Bill in Jar

We Are.

We want every young person to love Jesus and each other. We encourage these relationships through trainings, events, and retreats throughout the state of Michigan.

We hope to connect with you!

Our Team.

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